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Jon can give you cancer and turn into a car! - I'm as serious as a German film festival.
Jon can give you cancer and turn into a car!
Well, that really has nothing to do with Watchmen and more to do with this set of lulz. I did however, go see Watchmen today eons ago.

So I wasn't really too bothered by the lack of squid-y goodness. I was more bothered by the wildly distracting use of songs like "99 Luftballoons" and fraking "Hallelujah". I'm not so much of a philistine that I can't appreciate the sheer awesomeness of era appropriate music used. I've never liked the Leonard Cohen version of the song (yes, I know it's the original version thankyouverymuch) and having it used over such a cheeseball of a scene just made me loud out out in the middle of the cinema, thank god that the girl sitting next to me was giggling too.

Also, I am not as opposed to the ending as I thought I would be. Does that make me a heathen?

I loved the way the movie was put together, but I really want to know if that's because I have read the graphic novel. I was told to let the opening scenes simply wash over me. I didn't find them that underwhelming (hello, the GN doesn't open with flash bombs either) but it also tells the audience very clearly that this is no action movie of yore.

I think The Comedian's reaction to finding out about Veidt's plans makes sense, but here is how I see it.
#1, Comedian thinks that Jon's really finally lost it and joined forces with Veidt to bring about the apocalypse. He is utterly powerless, hence the tears.
#2, Comedian finds out about Ozy's plans to frame Jon and he doesn't know how to stop it. I also think that The Comedian probably has great admiration for Veidt because he appears to be such a all-American good boy; hence his unmanly tears.


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