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I'm as serious as a German film festival.
Clash of the Titans was very underwhelming and lacked a high point in terms of a dramatic reveal. No, I didn't fall alseep when they released the kraken. I just wasn't very impressed by what I saw. For all the build up try devoted to the kraken in the trailers, we sure as hell didn't see much of it.

Sam Worthington is even worse as Perseus than he is as the the savior of the Na'vi. He is not remotely convincing as an action hero, much less a demi-god. Though I suppose all their casting budget was spent on Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson so I mustn't complain too much.

I must confess that it was amusing to see the bad guy from Casino Royal resurface as "guy who I think might be Persephone's father", and to see that Alexa what's her name has a career after the train wreck that is Reunion.

All in all, not quite as bad as I had hoped/feared. On the other hand, this means the summer popcon movies are here. WOE.

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I'll forgive him for most of the stuff he did to The Things that are Sacred because Amy Pond AND Karen Gillian are both fantastic and they makes up for the meh that is Matt Smith and his terrible, terrible hair. So far Eleven still feels like the more playful side of Ten but I am hopeful that Amy will bring out something else in him. We shall seeeeeee :D

Okay, so the new opening sequence will continue to make me super duper angry until it finally stops being something I even notice, but hey, I could just fast forward that stuff :D

Here's my spoileriffic montage of things that happened in this episode, in vaguely chronological order:Collapse )

Scottish people FTW! I do adore the Scots, especially random Scottish boys who are drunk and blathering on incoherently at 1.30 am. Also, I want Karen Gillian's hair so badly.

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Also known as I procrastinate when I have work to do :D

The show meme.
Name 10 shows you like in no particular order. Then answer questions about them.

1. Chuck
2. Middleman
3. Castle
4. Better Off Ted
5. The Big Bang Theory
6. V
7. Veronica Mars
8. Community
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Modern Family

(This is totally not my top ten, more like what I am currently obsessed with watching/thinking about)

Totally needs a cut as it is way too freaking long. Also, spoilers ahoy. Collapse )

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The most recent episode of Doctor Who made me anxious, sad and extra sad to see David Tennant leave. The story is also heartwrenching and compelling, either that or that I am a giant sap.

Also, dinner not sitting so well with me right now because I am v. anxious for the Christmas episode/not really because it's the last one with Tennant and we hearts him.

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So I am done with avoiding friends/acquaintances/people I thought never liked but are friends with my friends.

Went to dinner with four friends from high school in TST (oh HK short hand, why doesn't it make sense to anyone who didn't grow up here? I used HK in an email once and people thought it was a state in the US) and it was really nice to be back amongst the non-emo again. 

Andypants, you know that bar with the balcony at Knoxford? When we go together the giant screen is all about Gordon Ramsey shouting at people over bad fish, right? Last night it was Kylie Minogue's concert on mute and  remixed Katy Perry, then Lady Gaga, then OLD SCHOOL JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE over their stereo.  I wasn't drunk enough to start waving my limbs about and sing along. Why must you have school at inconvenient times?

Also, I am so glad that I never got around to finishing off the first and only season of Middleman, it means that I have 'new' episodes to watch. Life is FAN-tastic. Wendy Watson = my hero.

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Gee, Dad. When I am cleaning my room, mess is to be expected. Just 'cause my darling brother isn't a pack rat doesn't mean that my pack rat-ish tendencies are a crime against humanity.

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DUDE, all my shows (barring Kings) are coming back! 

Why so wanky, Bones (and House, for serious) fandom? Can't you have a little faith in your writers?

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Snippity snip before anyone murders me.Collapse )

Paradigm shift + things left unsaid + possibilities + confirmed season six = MOAR.
Paradigm shift + ill-timed interruptions + an almost confession - confirmed renewal = bitterness. /disgruntled rant from a Chuck fan.

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1. Isabella Rosellini is the splitting image of Ingrid Bergman.
2. IR made these hilariously weird short films on the mating habits of insects and thing that live in the sea.

Oh dear,

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So my theory about Bon Iver's songs only ever being played when something bad is about to happen to Chuck and Sarah in terms of their relationship? 

BUSTED! (and I've NEVER been happier!)


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