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House 5x23 is NOT a crime against humanity. - I'm as serious as a German film festival.
House 5x23 is NOT a crime against humanity.
Okay, so maybe I read all the fraking spoilers before I watched the episode and that affected how I perceived the bloody episode. My faith in humanity was not destroyed, but it wasn't rainbows and butterflies either. I am okay with how season five of House came to a close, even if I do root for House/Cuddy.

Perhaps it's because I never could buy into the fact that any sane human being would be macking on someone else right after they colour-yawned, but I never for a second thought that House and Cuddy would have hooked up as House detoxes. Cuddy tries her best to be as appropriate as possible when it comes to House. No one might ever find out about their one night stand, but it doesn't mean that it won't eat away at her for having 'taken advantage of her mentally incapacitated employee'. This woman is motivated by two things people, guilt and propriety.

I don't see what's there to bitch and moan about. Fangirls got what they wanted: the long-awaited second coming of Christ Huddy sexage. So what if it was all a halliucination, you got what you wanted! You wanted sex, they gave you sex. Just because TPTB don't give you 'enough' does not meant that they robbed you of a chance at greatness. It's not as if they took away anything from you to begin with. This episode is actually very much hopeful and says a lot about where it could go.

While I am not the hugest fan of the hallucination, it actually allows for a much better view into House's mind. IT DEVELOPS THE CHARACTER. I am assuming that it's a good thing, seeing how we (or at least I do) prefer characters who are not just 2D cutouts. By having House and Cuddy interact with each other in the 'aftermath', it doesn't negate all that has 'happened'. Instead, I think it just goes to show that House came to the same conclusion we've always rooted for: Lisa Cuddy is THE ONE. Shouldn't we be happier about that? Sure, it's bittersweet but it's there. For frak's sake, he just about asked her to move with him!

The hallucination is less of a copout on the relationship level than it is on the story writing front. As Sepinwall said, more hallucinations? While his Shyamalan comparison can be regarded as an unkind remark on the writing team's ability to bring their A game, (I personally think there are worse names to be called. I loved The Village) it's more to do with how the audience was never given a chance to solve the mystery themselves. I personally believe that good storytelling shouldn't be about throwing new elements at your audience. Good storytelling should expand upon elements that are already there. For example, Chuck did a fantastic job with the Tron poster and slow build up over two seasons. They didn't decide to deliberately confuse the crap out of you just for the heck of it.

Also? We aren't left hanging with a giant question mark as to whether House the show will come back. We're gonna see further interactions between House and Cuddy. There's gonna be more because this is a paradigm shift, whether you like it or not. Unlike that other show I love with my entire being and hasn't been renewed...

Paradigm shift + things left unsaid + possibilities + confirmed season six = MOAR.
Paradigm shift + ill-timed interruptions + an almost confession - confirmed renewal = bitterness. /disgruntled rant from a Chuck fan.

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limeescape From: limeescape Date: May 12th, 2009 09:04 am (UTC) (Link)
spoilers much? I h8 u.


haha just kidding! ilu! I haven't really been keeping up with house anyway.
ich_faultier From: ich_faultier Date: May 12th, 2009 09:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Dude, it was up for like TEN SECONDS. I immediately put it behind a cut!

Go online. We should talk.
alex_kingston From: alex_kingston Date: May 12th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm all for character development. I don't get why people feel the need for plot to be developed all the time. A plot means nothing when we know shit about the characters.

And this show is essentially about what goes on in House's head. What he thinks, feels, etc. impacts the direction the plot will take. And I'm in your camp, you already know this, but yes in no way does the hallucination negates anything that has happened thus far in their relationship or even means the end of House/Cuddy.

AND YES YES YES LISA CUDDY IS THE ONE AND HOUSE KNOWS IT! I think this episode also makes it so clear that a part of what he does, the good that be puts out into the world has in some way a correlation to how he wants to be deserving of her. That a lot of the reasons why he never tried anything with her in the past is because he knows he does not deserve way. And maybe I'm perverse but that's a great amount of love right there, isn't it? And yes FOR FRAK'S SAKE HE FUCKING ASKED HER TO MOVE WITH HIM! It was kinda heartbreaking to see Cuddy laughing in disbelief but he actually thought that she was happy, me thinks, and that's why he was smiling to himself.

And yes people need to appreciate that the show IS coming back. BSG's never coming back again and though I don't watch House I only understand too well that feeling when you know your show is not coming back. Kinda like Studio 60 as well :'(
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