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I haven't updated this in a frillion years. - I'm as serious as a German film festival.
I haven't updated this in a frillion years.
Also known as I procrastinate when I have work to do :D

The show meme.
Name 10 shows you like in no particular order. Then answer questions about them.

1. Chuck
2. Middleman
3. Castle
4. Better Off Ted
5. The Big Bang Theory
6. V
7. Veronica Mars
8. Community
9. How I Met Your Mother
10. Modern Family

(This is totally not my top ten, more like what I am currently obsessed with watching/thinking about)

1. What is your favorite character in 1? (Chuck)
I can't decide if I like Sarah Walker more than I like Chuck Bartowski. I want to grow up to be Sarah Walker, badass extraordinaire AND I also want Chuck to myself. So I guess it is a completely different kind of adoration I have for those two eh? if I had to pick just one then it would be Sarah Walker because she is a badass and there are so many layers to the Walker onion that have yet to be peeled back.

2.What's your favorite ship in 2? (Middleman)
Tyler and Dubbie without a doubt. I love me some Matt Keeslar but I just don't see the Middleman as more than a worry-wort of an older brother.

3.What ship can't you stand in 8? (Community)
Hoo boy, here comes the unpopular opinion. I am really not into Jeff/Annie, not only is it cradle-robbing, I want to see Jeff with someone who can throw whatever he dishes up right back in his face. I am looking at you, Nurse Rose who was totally a placeholder for McNotDreamy's affectionsstats professor.

4. What drew you into 6? (V)
There's to be eating of ze gerbils, yes? Juliet Burke, everyone's favourite space whore and Alpha on a show about an alien not!invasion? I am totally in.

5.Something you loved about 3. (Castle)
Castle's relationship with his daughter Alexis. It's the best father/daughter relationship since Keith and Veronica Mars.

6.Something I hated about 5? (The Big Bang Theory)
TPTB failing to recognise that Leonard is basically a whinier version of Ted Mosby.

7.Favorite episode in 7? (Veronica Mars)
That's like asking a mother to pick a favourite child from all her children who were born when the series - never mind, the metaphor failed. Anything from season one is fair game.

8.Favorite character in 9? (HIMYM)?
Barney Stinson, duh. Who doesn't enjoy the shenanigans of a super manwhore? I like TPTB showed us that he is capable of feelings with detracting from who he is. Sure, a lot of people hated that hospital scene at the end of s4 but I thought it was totally in character for the both of them.

9.Favorite ship in 4? (Better Off Ted)
Veronica/Ted. I know we are supposed to ship Linda/Ted but Veronica is just too amusing for my tastes.

10.What ship can't you stand in 10? (Modern Family)
While I dislike the fact that Manny is crushing on his faux!niece Hayley, this show is really pretty much adorable to the max.

11.What drew you into 10? (Modern Family)
TwoP sent out invitations to preview the pilot and I am a sucker for free stuff so I went and watched it. I lvoe the idea of a mockumentary that follows an extended family around. While they are obviously a tv family, there's something very real about the setup and how much they adore each other. It's nice to see a functional family for once.

12. Something you loved about 9? (HIMYM)
Ted Mosby's growth as a human being. While I tell people that I don't really like Ted as much as I do like other members of the gang, I can still appreciate character growth. How he handled that final confrontation with Stella just made me

13.Something you hated about 7? (Veronica Mars)
Too easy: the sheer existence of season three.

14.. Favorite episode in 2? (Middleman)
I like all of them equally! But if I had to pick then I'd say the AU episode with badass evil!Dubbie.

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hyacinthian From: hyacinthian Date: January 19th, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
How he handled that final confrontation with Stella just made me


And I agree with so much of this.
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