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Stephen Moffat, please stop recycling your storylines. - I'm as serious as a German film festival.
Stephen Moffat, please stop recycling your storylines.
I'll forgive him for most of the stuff he did to The Things that are Sacred because Amy Pond AND Karen Gillian are both fantastic and they makes up for the meh that is Matt Smith and his terrible, terrible hair. So far Eleven still feels like the more playful side of Ten but I am hopeful that Amy will bring out something else in him. We shall seeeeeee :D

Okay, so the new opening sequence will continue to make me super duper angry until it finally stops being something I even notice, but hey, I could just fast forward that stuff :D

- The opening credits are so terrible looking and they did something to the theme music, I'd like to think that Murray Gold had nothing to do with it but at the same time that means no more pretty music!
- Matt Smith's face looks VERY retangular
- "You're Scottish, fry something!"
- I will never be able to eat a fish finger ever again.
- kid!Amy is so very cute! Why don't people like redheads?
- Ah lovely, a giant eye. Please make it go away now.
- Great, she's packing her bag and then he isn't gonna come back is he? Oh lovely, she is gonna have some major attachment issues isn't she? Also, I think the last time you used this plot you called it Girl in the Fireplace. I see what you are going with this Moffat.
- WOAH, that's a tiny skirt. Any shorter I'll be - never mind.
- Amy Pond is very pretty and she looks much more mature than she does on the promotional material they've been plastering all over the papers and such.
- There's a giant blue eel-like thing, lovely teeth. Very deep sea creature-esque.
- A WHAT NOW? I am so amused. Of all the occupations they could have chosen, this is what they go with?
- Amy's friend looks like Captain Awesome. I am very drawn to his chiselled-ness.
- TIME'S A WASTING YOU EEJITS. Now un-latch his tie and let him work his magic on the eyeballs.
- He's got suspenders on!!!
- Doctor montage!
- The fucking TARDIS looks terrible, let's just pretend I didn't see that at all.

Scottish people FTW! I do adore the Scots, especially random Scottish boys who are drunk and blathering on incoherently at 1.30 am. Also, I want Karen Gillian's hair so badly.

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