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Titans did clash, I was bored. - I'm as serious as a German film festival.
Titans did clash, I was bored.
Clash of the Titans was very underwhelming and lacked a high point in terms of a dramatic reveal. No, I didn't fall alseep when they released the kraken. I just wasn't very impressed by what I saw. For all the build up try devoted to the kraken in the trailers, we sure as hell didn't see much of it.

Sam Worthington is even worse as Perseus than he is as the the savior of the Na'vi. He is not remotely convincing as an action hero, much less a demi-god. Though I suppose all their casting budget was spent on Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson so I mustn't complain too much.

I must confess that it was amusing to see the bad guy from Casino Royal resurface as "guy who I think might be Persephone's father", and to see that Alexa what's her name has a career after the train wreck that is Reunion.

All in all, not quite as bad as I had hoped/feared. On the other hand, this means the summer popcon movies are here. WOE.

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