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I'm as serious as a German film festival.
Well, that really has nothing to do with Watchmen and more to do with this set of lulz. I did however, go see Watchmen today eons ago.

Oh Alan Morre, if this doesn't drive you nuts, what will?Collapse )


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I am too incoherent to speak right now. As much as I enjoy a good bout of misdirection ("Ji Yeon", that was a really good episode. No one really realised that Jin wasn't running evil errands when Sun was giving birth to their child until the very freaking end) this episode took it a little bit too far.

<i>Le Fleur</i> spoilers...Collapse )
Three years is a damn long time.

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- It's harder than it looks!
- Copy to your own note
- Erase my answers, enter yours
- Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
- They have to be real...nothing made up!
- If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
- You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name :
Debbie, great supreme ruler of all thing green.

2. A four Letter Word :
DIRE. (See facebook status.)

3. A boy's Name :

4. A girl's Name :

5. An occupation :

6. A color :
wtf, dove grey?

7. Something you'll wear :

9. A food :

10. Something found in the bathroom:

11. A place :

12. A reason for being late :
Dead to the world. Dozed off.

13. Something you'd shout :

14. A movie title :
Dogville (Mein Gott, I was stuck on a whole string of C movies before I thought of this.)

15. Something you drink:
Dramamine. Or is that a pill? Erm, daiquiri then.

16. A musical group :
Death Cab for Cutie

17. An animal :

18. A street name :

19. A type of car :

20. The title of a song:
Ttile track from Dil Chahta Hai. HA.


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As much as I enjoy just stumbling upon Jamie Oliver when my mum just channel-surfs between ESPN/Star Sports and Discovery Travel and Living, I wish I could watch Jamie Oliver's shows like i do with all my other shows. Jamie's Ministry of Food looks brilliant so I might have to sit down and watch it all the time. Just watching him prepare that shoulder of lamb was brilliant. Nothing but salt and pepper, garlic, olive oil and that gorgeous shoulder of lamb at 170ºC for four hours. When he picked it up from the roasting pan, the damn bone fell out! IT FELL OUT!.

HOLY COW, or lamb really.

It's gonna be a frillion years till dinner today.

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Good lord, I am so glad that I go to a tiny little liberal arts college with an operating budget dependent upon enrollment and not returns from its investments.
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Now I'm just more determined than ever to go buy Leopard so I can sleep easy. It's that time of the semester when I think that my computer is gonna crash and take all my work with it. Or even just my iTunes library.

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What did I do this weekend? I got caught up on Chuck. This is how it happened: I was talking to SB and she recommended Chuck, and I had heard good things about it so I start watching it on Friday night. Not much of a social life, I know. But I am totally on board with this fantastic combo of action and humor. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak came up with the best premise for a show, EVAH. This guy calls Chuck a show that was perhaps inspired by instances when the tech geek had to go into the field with Sydney Bristow. But the Alias connections do not end there.
Fangirl rant :DCollapse )

I need to go to Comic Con because i want to go to a Chuck panel and a Dollhouse panel.

Current Location: Karen's dorm at Brandeis

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Fell in love with shoes at a random Pedder.

Marc Jacobs, please make sure that they are there when I come back this Christmas.


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So I have started watching season 4 of Project Runway and this is bad because I still have four whole days of class and there's effing work to be done here.  So here I am on the seventh episode, not too shabby if you consider the fact that I started watching on Sunday night and I have had classes and work and reading.  I also learnt the general structure of the human skull and human skeletal system over breakfast this morning as last night was spent drooling all over my pillow at 10pm, go me.

This episode's challenge was for the designers to work with high school girls and design their prom dress.  Sounds really frightening right? I remember everyone and their pet squirrel getting really worked up about it.  I got mine precisely a week before my prom and it was only because my friends all insisted.  This episode made me realise how unattractive my prom dress was.  It was the exact same design as Kevin's dress that was not age appropriate; and almost the same color as Rami's dress which was unflattering and aged his client.

So what does that tell you about my prom dress that I sorta liked?

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